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EDIFIER Speaker System M1386


Model: M1386

Jelaga Part No. SKU00001360

In Stock


Speaker System 2.1, Uniquely designed, 30watts RMS audio output, Control volume, Control bass, USB


The M1386 is a complete audio solution for an array of audio applications. The 2.1 speaker system features two full range satellites tuned, calibrated and matched with the subwoofer to form a balance of clarity, richness and full audio output. With FM radio incorporated, wired remote with 3.5mm stereo jack and RCA input, the M1385 can be used solo or easily connected to any host device.

Impedance 10KΩ
Sensitivity Satellites: 450mV ± 50mV | Subwoofer: 70mV ± 20mV
Fitur Power, Base, Volume, Mute, Magnetically shielded satellites and subwoofer
Noise Level ≥80dBA
Input USB, SD Card reader, FM Radio
Output RMS 8W x 2 + 14W x 1
Dimension Satellites: 120mm × 151mm × 125mm | Subwoofer: 164mm × 220mm × 280mm (W x H x D)
Weight 5.20 Kg

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