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EDIFIER Speaker System 5.1 C6XD


Model: C6XD

Jelaga Part No. SKU00001158

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Speaker 5.1 System, RMS 8Wx4+10W+38W, Amplifier, Remote, USB, FM Radio, Optical and Multiple connections


- 5.1 multimedia speaker system with an external independent amplifier

- Optical audio input option for connectivity to consoles and media centers

- 3.5mm-3.5mm auxiliary and RCA-3.5mm auxiliary input options

- Additional 3.5mm Auxiliary input and Headphone output port on the side of the amplifier

- LED digital display for FM channel information, SUB/Front/Ce/Rear/Bass/Treble trimmer information, master volume level

- USB and SD Card audio input options with MP3/WMA audio file support

- Infrared remote control for volume, bass and treble adjustments, input selection, play mode, mute and standby

- Volume dial, input selection, bass and treble adjustment options located on the amplifier

- ¾ inch silk dome tweeters, 3 inch midrange drivers and a 6½ inch bass driver, all magnetically shielded

- 100% MDF wooden enclosure for both satellites and subwoofer for enhanced sound performance

Full package

The subwoofer and all the satellites are encased in 100% medium-density fiberboard (MDF). The solid construction gives C6XD an elegant look that also comes with enhanced acoustic performance. The 61/2-inch subwoofer produces an incredible 35 watts RMS, for a total power output of 80 watts. This full-fledged system sure packs a punch!






Independent amplifier

C6XD not only lets you store 27 preset FM channels, it also allows you to easily keep track of them. That’s when the LED display on the independent amplifier comes in handy. It clearly shows FM channel information, speaker settings and volume level. Other useful features on the dedicated amplifier include a smooth volume dial, input selection, bass and treble adjustment options. But there’s more. A convenient headphone jack on the side of the amplifier allows you to enjoy your music privately when you need it.




Precise control

The wireless, multifunctional remote control gives you precise control over bass, treble and volume. Instantly change between audio inputs, tracks, folders and preset channels (yes, all 27 of them). Whatever your music taste is, you are in full control.

Sensitivity Satellite:5.1IN: 450mV±50mV, CE: 650mV±50mV, PC/AUX: 700mV±50mVOptical: 600mV±50mV Subwoofer: 5.1IN: 550mV±50mV, PC/AUX: 400mV÷50mV, Optical: 300mV÷50mV
Fitur Input, track change buttons, volume dial on the front of the amplifier, remote control
Noise Level ≥85dBA
Input FM/ USB/ SD/ PC/ AUX/ Optical/ 5.1
Dimension Amplifier: 250mm x 78mm x 255mm FR/FL/SR/SL: 130mm x 90mm x 180mm C: 226mm x 143mm x 103mm Subwoofer: 288mm x 232mm x 242mm
Weight 13.8Kg

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