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Intel Quad Core i7 2.2GHz, 16GB DDR3, 256GB Flash, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Intel Iris Pro Graphics, Camera, 15" LED IPS Technology, Mac OS X Yosemite


A groundbreaking Retina display. All-flash architecture. Fourth-generation Intel processors. Remarkably thin and light 13‑inch and 15‑inch designs. Together, these features take the notebook to a place it’s never been. And they’ll do the same for everything you create with it.


When you pack so many pixels into a display — over 4 million on the 13‑inch model and over 5 million on the 15‑inch model — the results are positively stunning. The pixel density is so high, your eyes can’t discern individual pixels. Images take on a new level of realism. A spectacular 2560-by-1600 resolution on the 13‑inch MacBook Pro and an equally impressive 2880-by-1800 resolution on the 15‑inch MacBook Pro let you see more of your high-resolution images with pixel-for-pixel accuracy. And text is so sharp, you’ll feel like you’re reading email, web pages, and documents on a printed page.

The Retina display reduces glare while maintaining incredible color and quality. Its high contrast ratio results in blacker blacks and whiter whites. And everything in between is rich and vibrant. IPS technology gives you a wide, 178-degree view of everything on the screen, so you’ll see the difference at practically any angle. And you’re going to love what you see.


With a fourth-generation dual-core Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor, the 13‑inch MacBook Pro with Retina display lets you take your most performance-hungry apps on the road. That means wherever you can take your camera, you can take your entire digital photo studio. Hyper-Threading technology, which enhances performance by letting each core handle multiple tasks simultaneously, is included in every model. And with speeds up to 3.0GHz, shared L3 cache up to 4MB, and Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.5GHz, these processors are ready for just about anything.

The 15‑inch MacBook Pro with Retina display has the power to do even more amazing things. Fourth-generation quad-core Intel Core i7 processors provide the fastest performance ever in a MacBook Pro. You can make quick work of even the most complex tasks in professional apps like Final Cut Pro, thanks to speeds up to 2.8GHz, 6MB of shared L3 cache, and Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.0GHz. And every model comes standard with 16GB of superfast 1600MHz memory. All of which means the 15‑inch MacBook Pro is ready to take on whatever you can dream up, wherever your travels take you.


The 13‑inch MacBook Pro with Retina display features Intel Iris Graphics to handle both everyday tasks and graphics-intensive creative apps. Scroll through large photo albums with ease. Play games with amazing detail. Even connect an external display or two. It’s just another way this 13‑inch MacBook Pro is small on size and big on performance.

The 15‑inch MacBook Pro has a phenomenal display — with the graphics power to match. Its fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processor features Iris Pro Graphics with 128MB of embedded memory, which accelerates processor- and graphics-intensive tasks by acting as an ultrafast cache. For even more impressive graphics performance, choose the 15‑inch model that combines the power of Iris Pro Graphics with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M. Thanks to 2GB of GDDR5 memory, you see many more frames per second in 3D games and get greater speed and responsiveness for all your video projects.


The 13‑inch MacBook Pro lasts up to 9 hours between charges, and the 15‑inch model up to 8 hours. That’s impressive battery life for any notebook. But for a high-performance notebook with an ultra-high-resolution display, state-of-the-art processors and graphics, and a superslim design, it’s absolutely remarkable. The built-in battery gives you up to 1000 full charge and discharge cycles and up to 30 days of instant-on standby time.


You’ll notice a difference in whatever you do — starting up takes seconds, apps launch quickly, even navigating the desktop feels incredibly fluid and responsive. It’s all thanks to PCle-based flash storage with incredibly fast read and write performance. So you can import huge photo libraries in no time flat. And on the 15‑inch model, flash storage combines with quad-core processors and high-performance graphics to make quick work of even the most demanding editing tasks in Final Cut Pro. Since these MacBook Pro models come with up to 1TB of flash storage, you can keep all your important files with you. Flash doesn’t have any moving parts, which makes it superdurable and quiet. And flash storage is extremely energy efficient, which means your MacBook Pro also has the ability to stay in standby mode for up to a month, without plugging in. So whether it’s been 1 day or 30, your all-flash MacBook Pro will spring to life, right where you left off.


Meet the ultimate mobile creative studio. With an emphasis on mobile. Equipped with 802.11ac Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, you’re free to unplug and still stay connected — to your network, to your wireless peripherals, and to the world. With AirPlay and Apple TV, you can wirelessly play video, show off photos, and enjoy music from your MacBook Pro on your widescreen TV. And when your MacBook Pro connects to an 802.11ac Wi‑Fi base station, such as AirPort Extreme or AirPort Time Capsule, your wireless performance is up to 3x faster.


Fast and versatile, Thunderbolt 2 provides up to 20Gb/s of bandwidth to each external device. So you’re more than ready for the next generation of high-performance peripherals and displays. You can connect massive amounts of storage and add a PCI expansion chassis. And since each Thunderbolt 2 port allows you to daisy-chain up to six peripherals, you can go all out by plugging in up to 12 external devices via Thunderbolt alone.

Whether you choose the 13‑inch or 15‑inch model, you’ll get two Thunderbolt 2 ports, two USB 3 ports, an HDMI port, an SDXC card slot, and a headphone port. So in a matter of minutes you can build an entire professional studio with MacBook Pro as its centerpiece.


You haven’t heard it all until you’ve heard the speakers inside MacBook Pro. For something so thin and light, the sound is huge. And with a wide dynamic range, optimal balance, and a crisp, expressive quality, these speakers might sound too good to be true. That’s because we labored painstakingly over the design to maximize the quality of every decibel you hear.

Dual built-in microphones are great for when you want to be heard. If you’re making a FaceTime call, for example, the mics reduce background noise from behind the notebook. And when you use Dictation, they create an adaptive audio beam that intelligently adjusts to detect your voice — instead of the noise around you.


In OS X, Multi‑Touch is an essential part of how you interact with your Mac. Using realistic, intuitive gestures, you can switch between apps, navigate your content, and get the most out of your desktop space. MacBook Pro features a Multi‑Touch trackpad with a large, all-glass button surface. So you can tap, pinch, swipe, and click away comfortably.

Thin and light, MacBook Pro is designed to go anywhere — including places with less-than-stellar lighting. A built-in sensor detects changes in ambient light and adjusts the keyboard and display brightness automatically. So you’re never left in the dark.


Out of the box, MacBook Pro is already a document-creating, presentation-sharing, number-crunching, photo-editing, movie-making, and music-producing powerhouse. That’s because it includes six powerful productivity and creativity apps: Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. Not to mention all the other incredible apps, including Safari, Mail, and iBooks, which are perfect for the things you want to do and the things you need to do. And, of course, there are thousands more apps to discover at the Mac App Store.

Platform Notebook
Processor Intel Core i7 quad-core 2,2 GHz (Turbo Boost hingga 3,4 GHz) dengan cache L3 bersama sebesar 6 MB
Memori 16 GB DDR3L 1600 MHz
Kamera FaceTime HD 720p
Video Type Intel Iris Pro Graphics
Jaringan Nirkabel Wi‑Fi Jaringan nirkabel Wi-Fi 802.11ac; kompatibel dengan IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth Teknologi nirkabel Bluetooth 4.0
Interface Port daya MagSafe 2, Dua port Thunderbolt 2 (hingga 20 Gbps), Dua port USB 3 (hingga 5 Gbps), Port HDMI, Port headphone, Slot kartu SDXC
Display 15,4 inci (diagonal) dengan lampu latar LED dan teknologi IPS; resolusi 2880 x 1800 pada 220 piksel per inci dengan dukungan untuk jutaan warna, Resolusi asli: piksel 2880 x 1800 (Retina); skala resolusi: 1920 x 1200, 1680 x 1050, 1280 x 800, dan 1024 x 640 piksel
Battery Baterai litium polimer bawaan 99,5 watt jam
Power Supply 100 V hingga 240 V AC
Frekuensi 50 Hz hingga 60 Hz
Temperatur Suhu operasional: 10° hingga 35° C (50° hingga 95° F), Suhu penyimpanan: -25° hingga 45° C (-13° hingga 113° F)
Application AirDrop, AirPlay, Gatekeeper, Pusat Pemberitahuan, Integrasi Facebook, Integrasi Twitter, Dukungan Multi Layar, Tab Finder dan Label, iCloud, Rantai Kunci iCloud, iCloud Drive, Keluarga Berbagi, Dashboard, Mission Control, Penghemat Daya Safari, App Nap, Power Nap, Memori Terkompresi, Berbagi Bawaan, Pencarian Spotlight
Dimension 24.71 x 35.89 x 1.8 cm
Weight 2.04 kg
Isi Paket MacBook Pro dengan layar Retina, Adaptor Daya MagSafe 2, Colokan dinding AC, Kabel daya

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