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TOXIC GEAR BackPack Bags CB201 Silver


Model: CB201

Jelaga Part No. SKU00002107

J-Points: 20 Point

In Stock

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Notebook/ Laptop Backpack up to 15", Single Layer Design


ToxicGear Laptop bags are designed to snugly protect a specifi c size of laptop. Get a bag that’s not the right size for your laptop and vice versa and you may end up with a very expensive, squished piece of plastic.

It's Bigger and Roomier than its smaller sibling the CB302 for good reason. Intimidated? Don’t be. It can cram everything the CB302 can and more besides with its three separate layered zipped compartments. One layer is for your 15” laptop, another for paperwork, stationery and whatnot and another spare layer for whatever else you fancy. Hiltonites note: not actually tested for carrying small housepets.

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